Swimming better.

Updated: Feb 21

There is so much out there confusing people daily, this leads to analysis paralysis in almost all disciplines, some would say we overthink things, I agree and swimming is just another wonderful activity we are ruining by creating so much content. In an effort to construct something I will deconstruct it all. Keep it simple... Reach Breath Twist.. that it. three simple things, Reach more, Breathe better, Twist a little dance... This is how I took a physician who would barely swim 4 yards and managed to get Him well over 1000 meters regularly. Keeping it simple...

Now we can also take this same approach in helping someone go under 20 seconds in a 50 yard sprint.. Simple tricks, easy mottos, and behavioral conditionings that can be triggered at the right moment built upon a solid foundation simplicity.

Join me in Swimming easier.


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